Life is hard even when you have it all together.

It’s the little moments of self deprecation or when your day has unexpected circumstances. Staying one step ahead of this joy sucker roller coaster is a key factor to enjoying life through the madness. Happiness is just little blessings in life. It’s not bouncing from one joy to the next.

Researchers find that achieving happiness typically involves times of considerable discomfort. Finding happiness is under personal control. It’s better to have the mind ready so the body can benefit of feeling content in every situation. Here is some ways to to staying happy…

1) Start w reading a quote, verse in the bible, or listening to something that moves your heart to happiness.

2) After you read or listen, write down what was meaningful to you. Have it available to look it sometime in the day or night. Ie. bathroom, car, kitchen, or type it on your phone.

3) When your mind goes south and you become unproductive. It’s so beneficial to happiness to think of praying for others or doing something for someone else instead of being in the thought of unhappiness. Blessings happen when you take action to serve from the heart.

4) Catch negative or obsessive thoughts and place them with positive words immediately. More we can create our own happiness and learning to be content in every situation will keep our body healthy, have a stronger immune system and with aging.

We all are made for a purpose and that’s not to have a miserable life. So dig deep and take action to find the good in every day!